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Our Commitment

Our CommitmentDavid Naidoo & Associates provides clients with quality legal services committed to providing expeditious, practical and cost effective solutions. We use our resources in ways that help our clients to solve problems quickly, expeditiously and in the most cost effective manner. We understand that each client is different and has different needs and that there are no general, universal or across the board solutions. We recognise the imperative of understanding and meeting the needs and expectations of our clients.


  1. understand the building industry and appreciate the technical aspects of construction and engineering projects;
  2. have the experience, resources and legal expertise and knowledge of the industry to give clear commercially sound advice and pride ourselves on our ability to manage problems in a suitable manner appropriate to our clients needs;
  3. commit to provide advice sufficiently early so that it remains relevant and at reasonable cost.
  4. are able to provide practical solutions

We have developed a building and construction practice that gives effect to our beliefs.


We will provide you and your business with efficient and cost effective services. Our Principal services clients directly and allocates resources sufficient and adequate to meet client needs. By servicing clients directly our Principal has direct communication with the firm’s clients and thereby ensures that quality and efficiency of all services are maintained. Our Principal will personally conduct negotiations, prepare documentation and review new instructions and have the day to day conduct of matters on your behalf.


Our staff is skilled and experienced and work under the direct supervision of our Principal.

We will always endeavour to provide advice that is soundly based in legal principles and which importantly also outlines the various options and risks from a practical commercial view point emphasising and optimising speedy practical resolutions.

We pride ourselves on providing practical timely advice designed not only to prevent problems arising but also to put clients in their best negotiating position.


We have extensive expertise in the construction, building and engineering industry and we also have valuable experience gained in other areas of commercial practice.

We are uniquely placed in the south east growth area to provide advice and legal assistence in relation to the insurance and contractual aspects of building and construction in general in disputation and alternative dispute resolution, documentation, solutions to practical problems in relation to building and construction in progress and if necessary litigation in order to resolve differences which cannot otherwise be resolved by mediation or alternative dispute resolution procedure.

Our clients range across the industry and have variously include developers, financiers, liquidators, architects, project managers, specialist consultants, engineers, builders, sub-contractors, manufacturers, suppliers, trades people and owners.

We have recognised expertise and have made contributions to relevant publications in the areas in which we practice.


Our clients have access to a firm that is involved in associations aimed at further education, training, and information and we hold qualifications in other disciplines.