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ATO Housekeeping – Taxable Payments Annual Reports Explained for Building Professionals and Contractors

Building professionals have many obligations, on and off the work site. If you are running a business ‘primarily in the building or construction industry’, have an Australian Business Number (ABN) and make payments to contractors for ‘building and construction services’, READ MORE

Appointing and dealing with a building surveyor

Most domestic building work in Victoria requires a building permit and the appointment of a building surveyor, to inspect the work at key stages as specified in the permit, and on completion. A building permit ensures that the plans, drawings READ MORE

Protection Work Notices – What Are They?

Property owners, building professionals and developers should understand a land owner’s obligation to ensure neighbouring properties are adequately protected when carrying out building work. As high-density development increases to accommodate an expanding population, the need to consider and budget for READ MORE

Growing your business – recruiting in the building and construction industry

As your building practice grows, you may need to recruit staff to take on extra work asyou continue to develop the business. Hiring competent and reliable staff can contribute towards the success of any business. Understanding your obligations as an READ MORE

What does it mean to be an owner-builder?

Being an owner-builder means you are responsible for domestic building work carried out on your own property. Essentially, an owner-builder assumes the role of a building professional, is liable for the entire project, and may have ongoing obligations after the READ MORE

Protecting your plans – Copyright basics

Architectural designs and plans are a valuable commodity in the building and construction industry. With technology facilitating the seamless reproduction, transformation and dissemination of printed and digital material, architects and draftspersons should be vigilant in protecting their original creations and READ MORE

Quantum meruit claims and wrongful termination of a building contract

A building contractor may make a quantum meruit claim seeking payment of a fair and reasonable sum for work carried out and materials supplied in circumstances where the amount is not set out in contract. These claims generally arise when READ MORE

The Role of an Expert Witness in a Building Dispute

If you are involved in a domestic building dispute, whether as a building professional or homeowner, it may be necessary or beneficial to retain an expert witness. The role of an expert witness in a building dispute is to provide READ MORE

Pursuing a Domestic Building Dispute Through VCAT

Since the establishment of Domestic Building Dispute Resolution Victoria DBDRV most domestic building disputes must go through mandatory conciliation processes conducted by DBDRV before proceeding to the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal (VCAT). Only if a dispute is assessed by READ MORE

Builders Licence Lending – don’t do it!

Entry into the building profession is not granted unless a person has the appropriate qualifications, skills and experience, and has undergone a series of probity checks with the relevant licensing authority. Given the rigorous requirements for obtaining a building licence READ MORE