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Building Development Agreements

Commercial building and construction projects come with complicated but critical agreements and risk of building law litigation that real estate builders and property owners must know before they sign their contracts. If you are confused about building development agreements in Melbourne or are trapped in a dispute, you need reliable and practical legal advice that you can trust.
The team at David Naidoo & Associates provides a wide range of services for real estate builders and property owners for issues involving building and development law. Our expert building and construction lawyers will advise and inform you about everything during the agreement drafting process to reduce any possibility of future disputes or litigations.

What Do We Do?

We have variously acted on behalf of developers, contractors and owners in negotiating and drawing up development agreements in Melbourne for their construction projects. We have actively assisted our clients across a broad spectrum of real estate building development agreements and in dealing with issues arising in the implementation and performance of project development agreements.
With a wealth of knowledge of the building, engineering, construction and architectural industries and our interaction with prominent institutions within those industries we can provide counsel and advice. At times we are also able to act as facilitators or conciliators to promote the smooth performance of your development agreement process.

We Work with:

  • Real Estate Builders – We prepare project development agreements so that they safeguard your rights and make sure both the parties follow the payment schedule to avoid any funding issues prior to the project onset date. If someone owes you a payment, we can help you with that too.
  • Property Owners – When you involve with a builder, we recommend you look out for legal advice before you enter into any contract with them. A reliable lawyer can help you with development agreement law in Melbourne and other obligations. In cases where your builder hasn’t completed the work properly, we will negotiate or litigate on your behalf.

Why Choose David Naidoo & Associates?

The law keeps evolving for everyone, whether you are a builder or a homeowner. At David Naidoo & Associates, we will advise you on the law, so you know about your rights and the ways to exercise them and spot unfair dealing. We will check the terms and conditions in the real estate development agreement so that everyone is on the same page.

We have decades of extensive experience in the Melbourne real estate industry. We will help you with translating your contract into plain English and keep you in the loop about what should be happening at each stage and draft conditions to protect your interests. We will communicate with other parties too, to make sure that a fair solution is reached as quickly as possible.

Call us for

To discuss your land development agreement for commercial projects or any development work, give our lawyers a call at 03 8787 8900 or send us an inquiry at dcn@davidnaidoo.com.au.